MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 announcement: Our Champion State Senator Shenna Bellows deserves reelection

State Senator Shenna Bellows, at podium, with State Rep. Scott Cuddy and MSEA-SEIU Retiree Member Steve Butterfield, in 2019.

Dear MSEA-SEIU Member,

When it comes to advocating for Maine workers, active and retired, and for quality services for all Maine people, there’s no greater champion than State Senator Shenna Bellows of Manchester.

Since her first election to the Maine Senate in 2016, Senator Bellows has consistently stood up for all of us on responsible budgets that fund and staff public services from public health nurses to the Maine Office of Child and Family Services within the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. She’s stood up for us on protecting the retiree pension cost of living adjustment. She’s stood up for us in protecting workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now it’s our turn to stand up for Senator Bellows. She has earned your vote for reelection in the July 14 primary elections. Please vote to reelect Shenna Bellows. You can vote early and from your home! Request an absentee ballot electronically using the Secretary of State’s approved online form found here.

“Senator Bellows isn’t just an advocate for MSEA members – she’s a champion,” said MSEA-SEIU Retiree Member Richard West of Randolph. “Time and again, she’s worked to strengthen our economy so it works for all of us, not just the wealthy. She’s fought to protect the pensions that Maine’s public servants have earned. That’s crucial for retirees like me.”

Senator Bellows understands state government and the importance of having a qualified public employee workforce to provide services to Mainers. “She always makes sure all workers, including retirees and veterans, are heard in the Legislature,” said MSEA-SEIU Retiree Member Bill Crowley of Farmingdale. “She’s earned my vote, and I hope she can count on yours, too.”

“I’ve seen firsthand how Senator Bellows works with MSEA-SEIU members at the State House in support of Maine workers,” added fellow MSEA-SEIU Retiree Member Jim Betts of Winthrop. “She always advocates for the quality services we count on, especially during these uncertain times. That’s why I’ll be voting to reelect Senator Bellows.”

“Each legislative session, we track how every legislator voted on key issues important to working families,” explained MSEA-SEIU Retiree Member Jane L. Gilbert, chair of our union’s political action committee known as PASER, Political Action by Service Employees and Retirees. “The record shows that Senator Bellows is a champion of pro-labor and pro-worker issues in Augusta. Not only did she vote 100% pro-worker during the 129th Maine Legislature, but she also sponsored important legislation and advocated for MSEA members at every turn,” Gilbert said. “She’s a critical voice on the Legislature’s Labor and Housing Committee, where she serves as co-chair. She deserves our vote.”

Because of Senator Bellows’ 100 percent pro-labor voting record and her championing issues important to workers, active and retired, members of the MSEA-SEIU Board of Directors have voted to endorse Senator Bellows in the July 14 primary elections. The MSEA-SEIU board took this action on the recommendation of our PASER Committee.

In addition to her service in the Legislature, Senator Bellows serves as executive director of the Maine Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine. She previously ran a consulting business and served as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine. Raised in Hancock, she graduated from Ellsworth High School and Middlebury College. She’s married to Brandon, who’s a MSEA-SEIU member.

The Maine Service Employees Association, SEIU Local 1989, represents over 13,000 Maine workers.

Updated: May 7, 2020 — 12:57 PM