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Honk for a Living Wage: Workers at Planned Parenthood rally Aug. 28 in Portland for a fair contract.


Executive Branch bargaining update: MSEA-SEIU members rallied statewide in support of a fair contract for Executive Branch workers. We’re pleased to report that with the tentative agreement we reached Aug. 18 with the Mills administration, for the second straight round of contract negotiations, we didn’t give up anything. There are zero takebacks. All of existing contractual rights continue. While there’s still more work to be done, our tentative agreement moves pay for state employees in the right direction and also provides a process for continuing to focus the administration on addressing the state employee pay gap. It creates a process and a timeline for the Mills administration to make recommendations on how to address the pay gap and the classification and compensation issues to the Legislature. A ratification vote is under way.

Representational services roundup —
Legislative Employees, Baxter School, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Community Colleges, Maritime, Judicial

Legislative Employees

Your bargaining team is currently in the process of negotiating our new contract. During the bargaining sessions we’ve had so far, we’ve made some good improvements on a number of issues, but we have not seen as much progress on the issues of remote work and improving overtime rules as we were hoping for. We know that these issues are important to a lot of you, based on our survey results and meetings and communications with you. We have one remaining scheduled bargaining day, Wednesday, September 15th, but we expect to schedule additional bargaining sessions. Having your support ahead of any additional bargaining sessions could make a vital difference. If management were to receive enough communications from legislative employees about these issues, it would help them see more clearly the significance these issues have for the staff, so we might be asking for your help in the coming days if we are unable to make progress. If these issues are important to you or to the people you work with, please be thinking about what you would like to convey to management about these issues. Thanks,  Your Bargaining Team: Ethan Keyes, Meghan Lewis, Stacy Morang, Roy Lopez and Judy St. Pierre 

Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Gov. Baxter School for the Deaf

MSEA-SEIU members at the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Governor Baxter School for the Deaf are united in their determined effort to secure a fair contract. Our bargaining team has been meeting with management since March. Our team reports making some progress and continues to negotiate with management over key issues, including remote work, mileage and compensation. On a recent Zoom bargaining session, 27 members of the bargaining unit showed up in support of a fair contract. Our team members are Katie Duncan, Stephen Kimball, Brian Dietzel, Christy LoCicero, Megan Gerrity and Kirstan Banfield.

Planned Parenthood (PPNNE)

On Aug. 27, bargaining teams from Planned Parenthood in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, along with many more PPNNE staff who joined in support, spent a long day together in negotiations, trying our best to reach an acceptable agreement with PPNNE management. Unfortunately, after more than 13 hours, management has not been willing to move their proposals to an acceptable place. We remain committed to reaching a collective bargaining agreement that reflects what we all need to live, work, and thrive. On Aug. 28, 100 workers showed up at the Burlington, Portland and Manchester health centers to rally and support each other as we continue our fight. We are committed and we are united and strong as we continue the fight for our first contract.

American Civil Liberties Union of Maine

We’ve been in negotiations for several months and seen progress on a number of non-economic articles but are now waiting for management’s response to wages, time off and other key issues as we continue to work toward our first contract.

Maine Community College System Staff and Supervisory Bargaining Units

Staff Unit: Members of our Staff Unit bargaining team at the Maine Community College System are in bargaining. Key issues include remote work, compensation and hazard pay. Our Staff Unit bargaining team members are Travis Lawson, Scott Thibodeau, Tammy Putnam, Dan Corbett and Eric Clark.

Supervisory Unit: Members of the Supervisory Unit at the Maine Community College System are gearing up for bargaining.

Maine Maritime Academy Staff, Faculty and Supervisors Bargaining Units

Staff, Support and Professional (SSP) Unit: The bargaining team for the Staff, Support and Professional Unit at Maine Maritime Academy has reached a tentative contractual agreement. Team members are: Jake Adams, Tom Lamontanaro and Karla Glick.

Faculty Unit: The bargaining team for the Faculty Unit at Maine Maritime Academy is in negotiations with management. Team members are: Jake Simmons, David Sorich, Stephen Cole, Sarah O’Malley, Donald McCann and David Avery.

Supervisors Unit: Bargaining for the Supervisors Unit at Maine Maritime Academy is pending.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government

MSEA-SEIU members in all three of our Judicial Branch bargaining units — Administrative Services, Professional Services and Supervisory Services — have ratified their new contracts. In addition to many other contractual gains, the new contracts include these compensation gains:

$650 lump sum effective 8/1/2021.

2% COLA effective at the beginning of the pay period including 9/1/2021.

Effective at the beginning of the pay period including 12/1/2021, the salary scales will be

adjusted to add a new highest step and drop the lowest step, equivalent to a 4% raise.

1.5% COLA effective at the beginning of the pay period including 7/1/2022.

Julia Ackerly joins MSEA-SEIU staff as a field representative

Julia Ackerly (she/her) has joined our union’s staff as a Field Representative. Julia has worked across the country on pro-worker initiatives. Prior to her work as an organizer, she was a student activist and worked at a lobster shack for many years. Originally from New England, Julia is thrilled to be a part of the labor movement in Maine with MSEA-SEIU. “I couldn’t be more excited to stand alongside MSEA-SEIU members in our fight for security and dignity for Maine workers,” she said.


Updated: September 14, 2021 — 8:44 AM