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Members of our Judicial Branch Negotiating Team show solidarity in contract bargaining. Members of the Judicial Chapter met June 1 to discuss strategies to escalate pressure on management in support of fair contracts.


Our Executive Branch Negotiating Team is determined to secure a fair contract.

Representational services roundup —
Executive, Judicial,  Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Community College System, Maine Maritime, Green Valley, Baxter School for the Deaf

Executive Branch of Maine State Government
After a number of days of stalling and making no real responses on our key issues, management finally came back with a package of proposals but the proposals don’t come close to adding up to a fair contract. They are refusing to really bargain work from home, offering to raise the State’s minimum wage for state workers to only $13 an hour. While they have increased their wage proposal from zero, what they have offered does not keep up with the cost of living or make any progress toward closing the wage gap even though they know we are on average 15% behind other public and private sector workers.  

TOGETHER we will win a fair contract! Thousands of workers across the state have been wearing stickers, showing the “We Work – Maine Works” and “Maine State Workers United” Teams and Zoom backgrounds and signing the petition for respect and fair pay! Others have been reaching out to legislators.  

We have more negotiation sessions coming up ­— and management has made it clear they do not move unless we all push them. So, we all need to keep pushing!

This month there are two key things everyone can do: Keep up the visibility or put some up! And commit to attending the Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us –  Rally for a Fair Contract at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 27th, 2021, at the State House. Can we count on you to be there? Sign up here for the Rally.

The members of our Negotiating Team are: Administrative Services: Amanda Kovats, Elizabeth Ludwig and Cindy Proulx; Operations, Maintenance & Support Services: McKedra Clements, Glenn Jalbert and Jeff Mace; Professional-Technical Services: Brian Campbell, Ramona Welton and JB Whipple; Supervisory Services: Winifred Malia, Cynthia Sargent and Jon Woodard; and MSEA-SEIU Leaders: MSEA-SEIU President Dean Staffieri and MSEA-SEIU Vice President Allison Perkins.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government
   Judicial negotiations are hitting high gear this month with 10 bargaining dates. Members of the Judicial Chapter met June 1 to discuss strategies to escalate pressure on management in support of fair contracts. Our bargaining team members are: Administrative Services Unit:  Team Captain – Nickole Wesley. Team: Lisa Morgan, Christine Baker and Sue Degroot. Alternates: Kara Hodgdon and Cindy Welch; Law Enforcement Unit: Team Captain – Peter Baker. Team: Michael Mayberry, Jon Leroyer and Timothy Roy. Alternates: Glenn Rice, Louise Brillant and Richard Ireland; Professional Services Unit: Team Captain – Robyn Saucier. Team: Janette Cook, Christen Haskell and Markayla Morris. Alternate: Mo Whitehouse; and Supervisory Services: Team Captain – Andy Frechette. Team: Ronda Nelson and Laurie Pratt. Alternate: Darlene Richards
Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

In contract bargaining, members are negotiating in coalition with for two new contracts: Professional & Supervisory; and Support Staff. In support of the bargaining team, members wore Solidarity t-shirts and stickers for their May 25 day of action.

ACLU of Maine
ACLU workers held their first full bargaining session and put forward a series of proposals to secure rights at work.

Planned Parenthood in Maine
Planned Parenthood workers are preparing for the next phase of negotiations by bringing forward their economic proposals June 16.

Maine Community College System Staff and Supervisory Bargaining Units
Members  are negotiating successor contracts in our Staff and Supervisory bargaining units.

Green Valley Association   
Members are taking surveys on their bargaining priorities. The current contract expires at month’s end.

Maine Maritime Academy   
Members in all three of our units as Maine Maritime Academy are in contract negotiations.

York County Government
Members are meeting with management weekly fighting for a fair contract. Negotiations were scheduled for June 10 as the Stater went to press.



Updated: June 10, 2021 — 4:13 PM