Congratulations to Governor-elect Janet Mills

MSEA-SEIU members show their solidarity with Governor-elect and MSEA-SEIU-endorsed Maine Attorney General Janet Mills.

A government that works for all of us

Dear MSEA-SEIU Member,

What a great election November 6! Together, you and your fellow MSEA-SEIU members used the power of the ballot box to send a loud and clear message: It’s time for a government that works for all of us. Up and down the ballot, MSEA-SEIU-endorsed candidates had a banner day.

Congratulations to Governor-elect and MSEA-SEIU-endorsed Maine Attorney General Janet Mills on her hard-fought and resounding victory. We welcome Governor-elect Mills to the governorship. She understands the importance of frontline workers having a voice in decision-making. From plow drivers to child-protective workers to emergency communications dispatchers to public health nurses to the workers in the state’s prisons and psychiatric hospitals, MSEA-SEIU members look forward to working with Governor-elect Mills to deliver the quality services Maine people count on.

Mainers also elected a majority of pro-worker candidates to both the Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives.

The outcome of MSEA-SEIU-endorsed Jared Golden for Congress (2nd District) will be decided by ranked-choice voting per state law. We’re rooting for Jared in this first-in-the-nation use of ranked-choice voting to decide a congressional election. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to MSEA-SEIU-endorsed Senator Angus King and MSEA-SEIU-endorsed Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (1st District) on their reelection. We look forward to continue working with them as they advocate for Maine’s working families and retirees in our nation’s capital.

Most importantly, congratulations to you for taking your responsibility as a Maine voter so seriously. Many of you knocked on doors, made phone calls and got out the vote for our endorsed candidates. Together, we made the voice of Maine workers and retirees heard. Now let’s hold all elected leaders accountable. Forward!

In Solidarity,

Ramona Welton
President, MSEA-SEIU Local 1989

Updated: November 8, 2018 — 3:28 pm
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