Child Development Services — Tentative agreement brings CDS pay, benefits into 21st century


MSEA-SEIU members on our bargaining team at Child Development Services are, from left, Laurie Brown, Dianne Rowe and Teresa Barbieri.

Feb. 21, 2019

MSEA-SEIU members on our bargaining team at Child Development Services secured a tentative agreement on new contracts providing substantial wage and benefit gains for CDS workers. A ratification vote was under way as the Stater went to press. Worksite meetings to discuss the tentative agreement were scheduled.

Child Development Services workers provide publicly funded services to newborns through age 5 and their families. The early-intervention services provided by CDS workers are crucial to ensure all children can make the most of their public education, yet CDS for years has lacked the resources, staffing, and wage and benefit structures necessary to recruit and retain qualified employees. The tentative agreements make significant progress in addressing those issues, MSEA-SEIU members on the CDS bargaining team said.

“We won significant raises across all positions at CDS. We also won better health insurance, a Paid-Time-Off bank, and paid bargaining leave, which we have long fought for,” MSEA-SEIU bargaining team members Laurie Brown, Teresa Barbieri and Dianne Rowe wrote to the MSEA-SEIU members at CDS. “We also broadened bereavement leave, increased our professional development amount, and strengthened disciplinary protections.

“We’re very proud of this contract,” the bargaining team members wrote. “The positive changes we’ve made are a direct result of the increased union activity we’ve had over the past year. We hope that you encourage your coworkers to join our union so that we’re even stronger in the coming months ahead.”

The tentative agreements cover CDS workers in the Professional Unit and the Support Unit. Key provisions secured by the bargaining team include:
— Employees will now be covered by the State Employee Health Plan;
— Two step increases: Provided they are not at the top step, all employees will go up one salary step on the first pay period following 7/1/2020 and another salary step on the first pay period following 7/1/2021.
— Effective the first pay period after 7/1/2019, Professional Unit calendar year employees will move to the Professional Academic year pay schedule, ending the hourly pay disparity. (Example: Case Manager 3-5 Level 1s will move from $13.48 to $15.76, a 17% increase).
— All classifications will receive a Recruitment and Retention pay increase. The percentage increase for each position is different based on competitive rates for similar positions.
— The Professional Development reimbursement increased from $100 to $250 per year.

MSEA-SEIU Field Representative Meg Reilly served as the bargaining team’s chief negotiator.

Updated: February 26, 2019 — 9:13 AM