Bargaining Begins

March 1, 2019

Dear Executive Branch Co-workers,

We have been busy reviewing all the submitted proposals and survey results to prepare for bargaining, which kicked off this week. We were glad to see a noticeable shift toward a more respectful tone from management from what we have seen in the recent years. From the beginning of our first bargaining session we made it clear that:

“State employees need better pay and benefits to compete with private sector and even other public sector employers. They need manageable workloads, safe staffing, and the flexibility to do their jobs and continue to care for themselves and their families. They need leaders and managers who treat them with respect. State employees cannot provide safe, quality services to Maine families as the expense of their own safety and their own families.”

Quote from our opening statement; read the full opening statement here.

We are looking forward to our bargaining sessions in March where we will have an opportunity to discuss proposals to address these key demands. We know that us making those demands at the table will not be enought to win the contract we all deserve so we are counting on our co-workers like you across the state to show your support! Keep on taking and sharing pictures like these from worksites across the state . . .

We also know that some of the concerns that have been raised are not just issues for bargaining so we also are taking them on at the Legislature.
There are many key pieces of legislation being debated over the next two months including our bill for a comprehensive compensation system study for state workers. We know we are way behind and we know we need an updated, modern compensation system.

To find out more about key bills check out the MSEA website . . . and then come out and make your voice heard on March 14th Lobby Day. Legislators need to hear from you about your experience so sign up today



Thursday, March 14th;
7:45 am – 3 pm
Maine State House, Augusta
Sign up today.

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