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Maine Community College Adjunct Faculty. . .

Paul Trahan President
Alicia Harding Vice-President
Iris Selig Treasurer
Mike Turcotte Secretary
Mike Turcotte
 Chapter Secretary
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“Adjuncts make up the majority of faculty at the Maine Community College System, so I am excited for us to finally have a voice on campus. I became a union member to have a say in my wages, benefits, and working conditions. It’s that simple.”Paul Trahan, President, Adjunct Faculty Chapter of MSEA-SEIU Local 1989; Adjunct Instructor at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland


“As a member of our first union negotiating team, I sat at the bargaining table and helped secure our first contract. Together, we won pay raises, job security a grievance procedure. We’ll be back at the bargaining table in 2015. Joining the union TODAY will strengthen our bargaining power “ Luci Levesque,Treasurer, Adjunct Faculty Chapter of MSEA-SEIU Local 1989; Adjunct Instructor at Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield


“With part-time faculty making up the majority of faculty, our working conditions are directly related to student success. I am proud to be a member of my union and work toward making positive changes for student and adjunct faculty throughout our system.”Herb Adams, Adjunct Professor, Southern Maine Community College, South Portland


Read the full contract here. Our work doesn’t stop with securing a contract though. We have a lot to do in order to continue to make positive changes. Pleaseclick here to provide your home email so that we can keep in touch regarding bargaining, campus specific events and leadership opportunities.


Updated: September 14, 2016 — 9:12 AM