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Representational Services Roundup as of Sept. 14


Maine DOT workers in Freeport and Alfred told their jobs are safe
In August, MSEA-SEIU members learned that Maine DOT was planning on contracting out work at the Freeport and Alfred camps. However, on Sept. 13, senior Maine DOT managers told our workers at both camps their jobs are safe, without any planned reassignments, and that management plans to contract out only for 10 current vacancies at each camp. The managers praised our members at both camps for the quality of their work. The managers also spoke about the hiring challenges they are facing statewide for transportation workers.

2017 MSEA-SEIU Regional Steward Skills Training Programs
The remaining training is Sept. 27 at the Spectacular Event in Bangor.

Due to a lack of sign-ups, we canceled our Presque Isle Regional Steward Skills Training Program that had been set for Sept. 28.

City of Lewiston
MSEA-SEIU members of the Lewiston City bargaining team have been bargaining with management since May 2017 for  a 2017-2020 contract. The parties have submitted all proposals and have reached tentative agreements on six articles. The bargaining team is working toward making the contract more consistent and accurate and reaching a meaningful raise for all unit employees. The team continues to bargain with management. The next meeting is set for Sept. 28.

Executive Branch of Maine State Government
On Aug. 30, MSEA members counted the ballots for the four Executive Branch tentative agreements, and the results are in – all four agreements have been ratified. The new contracts are now in effect. Merits and longevity will continue uninterrupted and the first 3 percent COLA will go into effect with the start of the pay week closest to January 1. We will now begin the process of editing the contracts and getting them printed.

As you know, as a result of the ratification of the new agreements, the service fee will be eliminated on Jan. 1, 2018, a change this administration pursued in the hopes of weakening our union. Although  this will necessitate some changes to our structure, we are committed to continuing to provide representation for our members at the Legislature, in grievances and arbitrations and at the bargaining table. Now more than ever, we as members need to stand together and continue to be a strong member-run organization. This will require us to take on new leadership roles, work to strengthen membership at every single worksite, and continue to remain engaged. There is a role for every member to play, and we encourage you to learn more about the many ways that we are Stronger Together.

If you would like to learn more about becoming involved in the bargaining process, you can contact MSEA-SEIU Vice President Dean Staffieri.

If you would like to get involved with MSEA’s political and legislative work, you can contact PASER Chair Jane Gilbert.

If you would like to learn how to help represent your coworkers in the grievance process, you can contact Chief Steward Lisa Morgan.

If you would like to get involved with your local chapter or union governance, you can contact David Projansky or Maureen Sullivan.  

If you would like to help us reach and engage with the next generation, you can contact the Co-Chairs of MSEA Rising, Nickole Wesley or Allison Perkins, at

If you would like to welcome new employees into State service and grow our membership, you can contact MSEA-SEIU Organizer Sarah Watson at or 622-3151 ext. 1153.

If you have other ideas for a role you could play or other strengths you can bring to your fellow members, we would love to hear from you. Please contact MSEA-SEIU Member Leader Development Coordinator Maygan Dunlap with your ideas at or 622-3151 ext. 1142.

It has been an honor to represent each of you in this round of negotiations. Although it has been a difficult process, we believe we have emerged stronger and more united as a union and we appreciate your support throughout this process and now, as we move forward.

In Solidarity,

Administrative Services Bargaining Unit: Tracy Bonnevie, Cindy Proulx, and Debra Stowe
Operations, Maintenance and Support Services Bargaining Unit: Glenn Jalbert, Brian Markey, and Dean Levasseur
Professional-Technical Services Bargaining Unit: Andrea Lapointe, Tom Maher, and J.B. Whipple
Supervisory Services Bargaining Unit: Dave Projansky, Maureen Sullivan, and Chuck Dame
Ramona Welton, MSEA-SEIU President
Dean Staffieri, MSEA-SEIU Vice President

Green Valley Association
MSEA-SEIU members at Green Valley Association have ratified a two-year contract. The contract runs from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government: Administrative, Professional, and Supervisory Services Bargaining Units
MSEA-SEIU members in the Administrative, Professional and Supervisory Services bargaining units within the Judicial Branch voted to accept and ratify their new 2017-2019 agreements.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government: Law Enforcement Services Bargaining Unit
MSEA-SEIU members in the Law Enforcement Services bargaining unit within the Judicial Branch voted to accept and ratify their new 2017-2019 agreement, which includes an approximately 22 percent base pay raise to the starting salary of deputy judicial marshals over the life of the contract.

Legislative Branch of Maine State Government
   MSEA-SEIU members serving on the Legislative Branch bargaining team began interest-based bargaining with management in mid-August. Three productive and efficient meetings were held, with a facilitator leading collaborative discussion. A tentative agreement was reached Sept. 11.

Lewiston Public Schools
MSEA-SEIU members on the Lewiston School bargaining team have been bargaining with management since May 2017 for a 2017-2020 contract. The parties have reached tentative agreements on 13 articles and are working toward wrapping up negotiations soon. The team continues to bargain with management, with the next meeting scheduled for Sept. 15.

Maine Community College System Adjunct Faculty
Maine Community College System adjunct faculty bargaining team members spent the summer meeting with MCCS management, and will continue to meet until a fair and equitable collective bargaining agreement is reached. Items on the table include pay equity across campuses and stronger, clearer seniority language.

Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing / Governor Baxter School for the Deaf
   MSEA-SEIU members in the Support Bargaining Unit and the Professional Bargaining Unit unanimously ratified new two-year contracts. The contracts run from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019.

Maine Community College System Support Unit
MSEA-SEIU members on the union negotiating team for the Support Unit have reached several tentative agreements in contract bargaining with management. The remaining issues are monetary. Bargaining continues Sept. 19.

York County Government
MSEA-SEIU members on our union negotiating team are meeting with management regularly.

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