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Representational Services Roundup as of April 13

Maine Military Authority
Thirty-five MSEA-SEIU members who were laid off last fall at Maine Military Authority in Limestone began receiving recall-to-work letters in early April. This action should result in all affected workers getting recall notices. The recall notices are a direct result of the Legislature approving the necessary funding to continue operations. Our union testified in support of the funding approved by the Legislature.

2017 MSEA-SEIU Regional Steward Skills Training Programs
  Our 2017 Regional Steward Skills Training Programs will run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with the registration table opening at 8 a.m., as follows:

  • Portland, Clarion Hotel, Tuesday, Sept. 12;
  • Augusta Civic Center, Thursday, Sept. 21;
  • Bangor, Spectacular Event, Wednesday, Sept. 27;
  • Presque Isle, Northeastland Hotel, Thursday, Sept. 28.

City of Lewiston
   MSEA-SEIU members in the City of Lewiston Bargaining Unit are submitting bargaining proposals and electing their bargaining team as they prepare for upcoming negotiations.

Executive Branch of Maine State Government
   The bargaining team passed across more union proposals to the State April 7, 10 and 11. The State has responded to and countered some of our proposals but still hasn’t offered any proposals of its own. In responding to our proposals, the State has indicated that it is not interested in giving State employees increased leave time. The State also made a presentation on SOMER, the new employee payroll system.
   Bargaining continues April 24 and 25. Please wear purple on those days in support of your bargaining team. We expect to hear more information about the State’s proposals by April 25.
   In Solidarity, Your Bargaining Team:

  • Professional-Technical Services Bargaining Unit: Andrea LaPointe, Tom Maher and Michael McCormick;
  • Administrative Services Bargaining Unit: Tracy Bonnevie, Cindy Proulx and Debra Stowe;
  • Operations, Maintenance and Support Services Bargaining Unit: Glenn Jalbert, Shawn Kelley and Dean Levasseur;
  • Supervisory Services Bargaining Unit: Dave Projansky, Maureen Sullivan and Chuck Dame;
  • Ramona Welton, MSEA-SEIU President;
  • Dean Staffieri, MSEA-SEIU Vice President.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government: Administrative, Professional and Supervisory Services Bargaining Units
   Bargaining in coalition, MSEA-SEIU members serving on the negotiating teams for the Administrative, Professional and Supervisory services bargaining units in the Judicial Branch met with management March 24 to establish ground rules and begin exchanging proposals. Bargaining continued March 29 and April 10, the latter of which was the deadline for exchanging all proposals.

Judicial Branch of Maine State Government: Law Enforcement Services
   As the Stater was going to press, MSEA-SEIU members in our Law Enforcement Services Bargaining Unit within the Judicial Branch reached a tentative agreement with management on a new contract.

Lewiston Public Schools
   MSEA-SEIU members in the Lewiston Public Schools Bargaining Unit are submitting bargaining proposals and electing their bargaining team as they prepare for upcoming contract negotiations.

Maine Community College System Adjunct Faculty
   MSEA-SEIU members on the Adjunct Faculty Bargaining Team at the Maine Community College System were preparing for their first bargaining session April 21.

Maine Community College System Support Unit
   MSEA-SEIU members on the bargaining team for the Support Unit held their first bargaining session with management April 11. The two sides scheduled four additional bargaining dates, each one taking place at a difference Maine Community College System campus.

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