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The new headquarters for the Maine Public Employees Retirement System opened at 139 Capitol St., Augusta. The retirement system’s  P.O. Box 349, phone numbers, website address and email addresses all remain the same Our union is proud to represent MainePERS employees in the Administrative, Professional-Technical and Supervisory Services bargaining units.

MSEA-SEIU members in the Administrative and Professional-Technical Services bargaining units at the Maine Public Employees Retirement System in January ratified new two-year contracts providing pay raises totaling 8.5 percent over the terms of the contracts. Story.


Supervisory MSEA-SEIU members at MainePERS prep for bargaining

February 14, 20109

MSEA-SEIU members serving on the bargaining team for the Supervisory Services unit at MainePERS are seeking bargaining proposals from members of the unit. Bargaining team members Lindy Henninger and Mara McGowan and MSEA-SEIU Field Representative Robin Upton-Sukeforth, the team’s chief negotiator, held their first team meeting Feb. 4; the next one is set for Feb. 19. Bargaining proposals are due Feb. 28.



MSEA-SEIU members on our bargaining team at Child Development Services are, from left, Laurie Brown, Dianne Rowe and Teresa Barbieri.

 MSEA-SEIU members on our bargaining team at Child Development Services secured a tentative agreement on new contracts providing substantial wage and benefit gains for CDS workers. The early-intervention services provided by CDS workers are crucial to ensure all children can make the most of their public education, yet CDS for years has lacked the resources, staffing, and wage and benefit structures necessary to recruit and retain qualified employees. The tentative agreements make significant progress in addressing those issues, MSEA-SEIU members on the CDS bargaining team said. Story.



MSEA-SEIU members on the Judicial Branch bargaining team met Feb. 9 to prepare bargaining proposals. They are looking forward to bargaining! From left are Janette Cook, Samantha Turcotte, Ronda Nelson, Claire Bell, Lisa Morgan, Nickole Wesley, Colleen Heal, Christen Haskell (in back), Robyn Saucier, Peter Baker and Darcey Emery. Not shown are Andy Frechette, Laurie Pratt, Mike Mayberry, Glenn Rice, Tom Richardson and Maureen Whitehouse.

 Judicial Branch bargaining team preparing proposals

MSEA-SEIU members on the bargaining team representing our four State of Maine Judicial Branch bargaining units are preparing proposals for contract negotiations. Union team members met Feb. 9. They’ll meet again March 2 to continue preparing. The upcoming negotiations will be for new contracts covering Judicial Branch workers in the  Administrative Services, Law Enforcement Services, Professional Services and Supervisory Services bargaining units. All of the current contracts expire June 30. The bargaining team members:

  • Law Enforcement Unit: Peter Baker, Team Captain; Mike Mayberry, Team Member; Glenn Rice, Team Member; Tom Richardson, Team Member; and Alternates Mark Tibbetts, Mike Shea, Tim Roy and Jon LeRoyer;
  • Supervisory Services: Andy Frechette, Team Captain; Ronda Nelson, Team Member; Laurie Pratt, Team Member; and Alternate Darlene Richards;
  • Professional Services: Robyn Saucier, Team Captain; Claire Bell, Team Member; Christen Haskell, Team Member; Maureen Whitehouse, Team Member; and Alternate Janette Cook;
  • Administrative Services: Lisa Morgan, Team Captain; Colleen Heal, Team Member; Nickole Wesley, Team Member; Darcey Emery, Team Member; and Alternates Kim Dillingham and Sam Turcotte.


MSEA-SEIU members at our Scott Austin Eastside Chapter  in Augusta show their support for their bargaining team in anticipation of Executive Branch contract negotiations starting Feb. 25. From left: Denise Behr, Jenn Curtis, Marianne Senechal, Phil Garwood, Cherrie Plummer, Boris Golubow, Andrea Galasyn, Rich Greves, Kerem Gungor, Lyle Hall, Mike Hudson, Mark Margerum, Stacy Ladner and Bob Hartley.

To prepare for negotiating our next contract, we surveyed our coworkers around the state. With well over 1,000 state workers responding, we found an urgent need to stand up for ourselves, the work we do and the people we serve each day.  Too many state workers live under a constant cloud of worry about our own ability to pay our bills, afford healthcare and have a secure future. According to the survey results, 82 percent of state workers are concerned about their ability to retire and 41 percent struggle to pay their monthly bills.  Story.

 The MSEA-SEIU Executive Branch Bargaining Team

Professional-Technical Services
Robyn Egan, Corrections – Windham
Thomas Maher, DAFS-OIT – Bangor
Jennifer Curtis, DAFC – Augusta

Administrative Services
Sherri Beaulieu, DHHS – Augusta
Cindy Proulx, DHHS – Bangor
Brian Tuttle, SOS-BMV – Portland

Supervisory Services
Nicholas Pitarys, DHHS – Lewiston
David Projansky, DHHS – Augusta
Maureen Sullivan – DOL – Augusta

Operations, Maintenance & Support Services
Michael Bathory, Corrections – Windham
Carl Holbrook, DOT – Fairbanks
Brian Markey, DOT – Bangor

President Ramona Welton
Vice President Dean Staffieri

Representational Services Roundup as of November 29


Become a union steward
   Interested in becoming a union steward? Union stewards are a valuable resource for all bargaining unit employees. Stewards are called upon to perform a variety of functions. They are the go-to people for employees in our worksites. Learn more about becoming a union steward by contacting MSEA-SEIU Director of Organizing and Field Operations Angela MacWhinnie at 622-3151 ext. 1104 or

Check out our Stewards’ Guilds
   Once a month, MSEA-SEIU stewards gather in Lewiston and Augusta after work to discuss strategies as they advocate for their coworkers. The Stewards’ Guilds in Lewiston and Augusta are open to all MSEA-SEIU stewards. To participate or learn more about the Stewards’ Guilds, contact MSEA-SEIU Chief Steward Dave Projansky at

Child Development Services
   Contract bargaining for new Professional Unit and Support Unit contracts for Child Development Services continues Dec. 11 and Dec. 12. Members of our bargaining team ask all MSEA-SEIU members at CDS to wear purple on bargaining dates. Please wear purple to show that we stand with our coworkers and support our union in our fight for better working conditions.

City of Auburn
   MSEA-SEIU members who work for the City of Auburn are gearing up for contract bargaining. Their current contract expires June 30, 2019.

MCCS Adjunct Faculty
   MSEA-SEIU members in our Adjunct Faculty Bargaining Unit at the Maine Community College System are completing a worksite survey and preparing for 2019 contract bargaining. They also are electing chapter leaders.

Maine Public Employees Retirement System
   MSEA-SEIU members in our MainePERS Administrative Services and Professional-Technical Services bargaining units are negotiating new contracts to replace the ones that expired Oct. 31. Bargaining continues Nov. 29 and Dec. 13.

Maine State Government Executive Branch
   Hundreds of MSEA-SEIU members completed worksite surveys online or via the mail. The survey responses will help shape our work at the bargaining table, in worksite campaigns, and in the Legislature MSEA-SEIU members also were meeting in Portland (Nov. 29) Bangor (Dec. 1) and Augusta (Dec. 5) to prepare for bargaining. MSEA-SEIU members are invited to use the yellow form on Page 3 of the November 29 edition of the Maine Stater to suggest bargaining proposals to our bargaining team.

Maine State Government Judicial Branch
   MSEA-SEIU members in our Judicial Branch bargaining units have completed bargaining surveys and elected their bargaining teams in preparation for contract bargaining.


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