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2020 MSEA-SEIU Scholarship Applications are linked below (instructions for all are attached at end of the full-time students application): The 2020 MSEA-SEIU Howard L. Bowen, Murray L. Brown, George A. Davala, Richard J. McDonough, and Maine Community College Scholarships (for full-time students only); the 2020 MSEA-SEIU Member (part-time students) Scholarship Application; and the 2020 Wayne Hollingworth Memorial Scholarship Application.

FULL-TIME STUDENTS:  Applications for the annual scholarships will be considered only from students who have one of the following relationships with a dues-paying MSEA-SEIU member; son or daughter of an MSEA member; stepchild of an MSEA member who resides with the MSEA member; son or daughter of the MSEA member’s significant other who resides with the MSEA member in accordance with the sick leave article of the Executive Branch contract; student who is under legal guardianship of an MSEA member; and/or grandchild of an MSEA member who resides with the grandparent.  The applicant must be entering full-time post-secondary educational or vocational programs for the first time as freshmen.  Full-time shall be defined as complying with federal standards of twelve (12) credit hours per semester. Four (4) scholarships will be awarded as follows:  The Richard McDonough Scholarship in the amount of $1,500, the Dr. Howard L. Bowen Scholarship in the amount of $1,000, the Murray L. Brown Scholarship in the amount of $1,000, and the George A. Davala Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.  Additionally, one Maine Community College Scholarship (MCCS) in the amount of $750 will be awarded in each of the three (3) MSEA Areas to a student attending a Maine Community College provided there is an applicant.  If there is no applicant from an Area, that scholarship may be awarded to a qualified applicant from another Area.  The MCCS applicants will first be considered along with the other applicants for the four (4) scholarships mentioned above.  If not selected to receive one of these scholarships, they will then be considered for the MCCS Scholarship. Application Form and Instructions:

PART-TIME STUDENTS:  The MSEA Scholarship Committee is also accepting applications for three (3) $500 scholarships from MSEA-SEIU members enrolled in part-time (or full-time) educational programs.  (One $500 scholarship will be awarded to a member in each of the three MSEA Areas.) Applications for the three Area part-time annual scholarships will be considered only from MSEA members who are furthering their education either on a part-time basis while employed OR on a full time basis after obtaining an educational leave of absence.  Also members working to maintain certification and/or licensing in their field. Application Form:

WAYNE HOLLINGWORTH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP:     One scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded in 2020 to an active member of MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 who is pursuing her/his education while continuing to work.  Preference will be given to an active member who is or has been a participant in the Aspire Program.

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