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What We Accomplished Nov. 4

While we fell short in electing Mike Michaud as Maine's next governor, our determined effort to stand up for leaders who respect workers and retirees in the elections Nov. 4 ensured that Maine workers and retirees will be heard in the upcoming 127th Maine Legislature.


MSEA-SEIU members engaged like never before in talking with fellow members about the importance of electing leaders who respect workers and retirees. Members of our union stepped up in a big way by:


-- Completing over 400 volunteer shifts to talk with voters about issues affecting Maine's working families.


-- Making over 50,000 phone calls and door knocks, and talking with over 10,000 voters.


-- Strengthening our political voice. Over 100 members joined or increased their commitment to our political action committee, PASER, Political Action by Service Employees and Retirees. Thanks go to each and every MSEA-SEIU member who picked up the phone, knocked on a door, signed up for PASER, increased their PASER contribution and helped get out the vote.

Because of these efforts, we elected 16 of our endorsed candidates for the Maine Senate and 73 of our endorsed candidates for the Maine House of Representatives. Together, we secured a worker-friendly and retiree-friendly majority in the Maine House of Representatives. This majority in the Maine House ensures that all Maine workers and retirees will have a voice in the decision-making in the upcoming127th Maine Legislature.


We are thrilled that this worker-friendly and retiree-friendly majority in Maine House includes two MSEA-SEIU members. We reelected MSEA-SEIU retiree member State Rep. Paul Gilbert of Jay in House District 74 and we elected MSEA-SEIU retiree member Donna Doore of Augusta in House District 85. We can count on Rep. Gilbert and Rep.-elect Doore to continue advocating for quality public services for all Maine people and respecting all Maine workers and retirees. Special thanks go to all MSEA-SEIU members who helped reelect Rep. Gilbert and elect Rep.-elect Doore.


With the elections, the people of Maine have spoken as they do every two years. We congratulate Gov. LePage on his reelection and all members of the 127th Maine Legislature on their election or reelection. We also congratulate Senator Susan Collins on her reelection, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree on her reelection and Congressman-elect Bruce Poliquin on his election. You can be sure that we will take advantage of every opportunity to work with Maine's elected leaders at the state and national levels on issues important to working families and retirees. These include respecting all Maine workers and retirees, ensuring quality public services for all Maine people, and ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Maine people.


The 127th Maine Legislature will be sworn in at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3. Thanks, again, to all who stepped up to make our voice heard in the elections. We will need all hands on deck again soon to make our voice heard on state budgets that fund our contracts and on legislation impacting Maine workers and retirees.

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MSEA-SEIU Systems Administrator Mary Labbe retired Nov. 14, 2014, after providing over 25 years of computer expertise to our union Congratulations, Mary, on your retirement. You earned it!


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Attention MSEA-SEIU members: Please update your Union Bulletin Boards using the handy Union Bulletin Board posters available here.


THE CHARLEY RICHARDSON GUIDE TO KICKING A$$ FOR THE WORKING CLASS: This week, on the one-year anniversary of labor educator Charley Richardson's death, his family and fellow unionists unveiled a revamped version of the website Charley left for labor educators and union activists, with several new resources. The website is now called The Charley Richardson Guide to Kicking A$$ for the Working Class. That website includes a link to the 2014 edition of our MSEA-SEIU labor-management guidebook, Representing Your Coworkers: A Guide to Union Participation in Labor-Management Committees, that Charley wrote for our union, plus many of other resources from Charley that might be helpful as you advocate for Maine workers and their families.

Our four State of Maine Executive Branch contracts for state employees are now online in PDF format