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July update, 1:30 p.m. --

Victory: L.D. 86 approved!

Members of the Maine Legislature on Tuesday night overwhelmingly voted to approve L.D. 86 as amended, our retirement security legislation. L.D. 86 as amended received the necessary 2/3 votes in both the Maine House and Maine Senate to take effect in September of 2015 as planned. To be sure, however, L.D. 86 as amended won't be a done deal until the Legislature adjourns July 16.


L.D. 86 as amended provides retired state workers and retired teachers cost of living adjustments of 2.55 percent to base pensions in September 2015 and again in September 2016.


Thanks go to those MSEA-SEIU members who called, emailed, or lobbied their state representatives and state senators in support of L.D. 86 as amended. Thanks also go to those state legislators who voted for L.D. 86 as amended. We appreciate our legislators doing the right thing.

June 30 update, 3:25 p.m. --

State Budget, Highway Budget enacted

The Maine Legislature today prevented a state shutdown by overriding the State Budget veto and the Highway Budget veto, so both of those budgets are now state law. This is a victory for all Maine people who count on the quality public services our members provide.


As of this writing, we are awaiting final votes in the Legislature today on our retirement security legislation, L.D. 86. We will update you on L.D. 86 later.


Thanks go to each and every MSEA-SEIU member who took the time over the past six months to talk with their state legislators in support of passing a responsible State Budget and Highway Budget. Thanks also go to those state legislators for their hard work and support for a bipartisan budget. By speaking with a united voice, we helped build the support necessary to pass a bipartisan budget and override the budget vetoes.

June 29 update --

State Budget, Retirement Security

Please take action NOW to prevent a state government shutdown and to help enact our retirement security legislation, L.D. 86.


Your state senator and state representative need to hear from you IMMEDIATELY before they reconvene Tuesday, June 30, for crucial votes. Both the State Budget and L.D. 86 will require 2/3 votes of the Legislature. Respectfully ask them to:


  • Do the right thing and OVERRIDE any State Budget veto. Overriding a budget veto is necessary to prevent state government from shutting down the following day. Overriding any budget veto also is necessary to enact the State Budget funding merit and longevity pay and the State Employee Health Plan.

  • VOTE FOR L.D. 86, our retirement security legislation providing retired state workers and retired teachers cost of living adjustments of 2.55 percent to base pensions in September 2015 and again in September 2016. Explain to your legislators that the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MePERS) officially informed the Appropriations Committee there is NO FISCAL NOTE attached to the amended legislation as approved by the Appropriations Committee. Additionally, MePERS officially informed the Appropriations Committee there is no impact on the unfunded liability, so ask your legislators to VOTE FOR L.D. 86.


Reach your legislators on Monday, June 29, using their cell or home phone numbers listed at this official link: If a legislator responds to you, please share his or her responses right away with MSEA-SEIU Member Political Coordinator Bill MacDonald at to help us override the State Budget veto and get L.D. 86 passed. Both votes will require 2/3 votes by both the House and the Senate.


If your legislators already are in Augusta, then please leave them a toll-free message at: Maine House: 1-800-423-2900; and Maine Senate: 1-800-423-6900.


Also, please join us Tuesday, June 30, at the State House, Third Floor, to personally ask your legislators to override any budget veto, and to VOTE FOR L.D. 86, our retirement security legislation. We will gather by 10 a.m. and stay as long as necessary. To confirm your attendance on Tuesday, June 30, send a note to MSEA-SEIU Member Political Coordinator Bill MacDonald. Be sure to let him know when you plan to be there, such as for the morning, lunch hour, afternoon, or evening, or for the duration.

Union Negotiating Team ready to bargain!

Members of the MSEA-SEIU Executive Branch Union Negotiating Team are ready to bargain!

Latest News Stories and Feature Links

This Bangor Daily News report quotes MSEA-SEIU Political and Legislative Director Mary Anne Turowsk on the prospects of another state government shutdowni: "Our members are very worried. We have to take it seriously because we've been here and done this. The consequences were dire. So we have to take it seriously and have to ask our members to contact their legislators and tell them how critical it is that they support a bipartisan budget."



CANDIDATES FOR MSEA-SEIU PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS: All nominations for President and Vice President are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4, per the MSEA-SEIU Constitution and Bylaws. Also, if you are running for the Board of Directors, Vice President or President to be voted on by Delegates at the 2015 MSEA-SEIU Annual Meeting this fall, you can submit a candidate statement and photo for publication in the Maine Stater. All candidate statements and photos for publication in the Maine Stater are due at MSEA-SEIU headquarters by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4. If you would like to have your photo taken for this purpose, call Tom Farkas at 1-800-452-8794 at your earliest convenience. Email candidate statements and photos to: or mail candidate statements and photos to: Maine Stater, MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 P.O. Box 1072, Augusta, ME 04332-1072. Click here for a poster of this notice for your union bulletin board.



MSEA-SEIU Cumberland Chapter members: Apply now for the chapter's 2015 Union Education Gift: The Cumberland Chapter of MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 is accepting applications from Cumberland Chapter members and their children for one "2015 Union Education Gift" worth $250. If your child has won a Union Education Gift in the past, he or she isn't eligible; however, other children in the same family are eligible. To apply for the 2015 Union Education Gift, fill out the application here. Applications must be received by July 1, 2015. Mail completed applications to: MSEA-SEIU Cumberland Chapter Delegate Luc Nya, 33 North St., Apt. 1, Portland, ME 04101



Home care worker Ted Rippy of Bangor explains why it's urgent to raise the wage for Maine's home care workers.



Our 2015 MSEA-SEIU Regional Steward Skills Training Programs listed below. Registration begins at 8 a.m. at all locations. All training programs run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Click here for a poster of the training dates for your union bulletin board:

  • Bangor: Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015, Spectacular Event;
  • Presque Isle: Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, Hampton Inn;
  • Augusta: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Augusta Civic Center;
  • Portland: Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015,Clarion Hotel, Portland.

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Our four State of Maine Executive Branch contracts for state employees are now online in PDF format


Study: Most state workers don't make more than their private counterparts: